Spring 2020

Dream a Little Dream of Me (Arr. Gentry)   TTBB, SSAA*, SATB*
How Great Thou Art (Arr. Sandroni, Gillis, Hauger, Macdonald)   SSAA   Video ft. GQ
How Lucky You Are (Arr. McAlexander)   TTBB, SSAA*, SATB*
It's the Music That Brings Us Together (Arr. Hine)   TTBB, SSAA, SATB
Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves (Arr McAlexander)   SSAA
Til I Hear You Sing (Arr. Hicks)   TTBB, SSAA, SATB   Video ft. Instant Classic

Coming Soon*

My Lord and I (Arr. Keller)   TTBB
Not Gonna Worry (Arr. Keller)   TTBB
Timshel, (Arr. Macdonald, Gillis)   SSAA, SATB
You Are My Sunshine (Arr. Uhr)   SSAA 

Midwinter 2020

As Long As I'm Singing (Arr. Menefee)   TTBBSSAA   Video ft. Wildfire
Crying My Heart out for You (Arr. Keller)   TTBB    
Take On Me (Arr. Wessler)   TTBBSSAASATB   Video ft. After Hours
Tennessee Waltz (Arr. Cokeroft)   TTBB
That's Life (Arr. BHS)   TTBB, SSAA, SATB   Video ft. Duly Noted
Where is Love (Arr. Cokeroft)   TTBB   Video ft. 2019 All Chapter Chorus