Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you do away with arranger's fees? Do I have to pay them directly myself? Are the arrangers still getting paid?
All sheet music sold at Harmony Marketplace is sold at the listed prices. Rather than break out specific fees (arrangers, copyright, etc.) on each purchase, the pricing structure has been streamlined. Arrangers will be justly compensated, and your purchases are absolutely legal, including contest music. No additional arranger's fees are required. Now, most unpublished arrangements are less expensive for customers than under the old system.

Better still, all members, quartets and chapters will now enjoy a 25% discount on all purchases at Harmony Marketplace. A technology upgrade will automatically award you the best price for any purchase, simplifying the shopping and checkout process.

I live overseas, why can't I order music through you anymore? Don't you want my money?
Licensing restrictions with copyright holders guide what and where we can offer products. The Barbershop Harmony Society takes seriously its obligations to comply with the law. We distribute a growing number of titles for sale worldwide via Hal Leonard -- visit for many new publications. If your arrangement is not currently on sale through Hal Leonard or our website, contact for assistance in securing licenses for titles you wish to obtain. 

Why aren't all your arrangements available for instant digital download?
Licensing restrictions with copyright holders guide us on how, when, and where we can offer our song-related products. The Barbershop Harmony Society takes seriously its obligations to comply with the law.

Why can't I secure mechanical licenses to copy my learning tracks from you anymore? Do I need to buy a cd for each individual in my chorus?
Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to you at this time due to systems changes in progress with our copyright and accounting departments. Please secure your per copy (mechanical rights) permissions for your song/tracks through SongFile (, which is the online licensing services provided by the Harry Fox Agency.  If they cannot issue permissions to you, please contact us at the Society's Music Library ( for further assistance. Please note that many of our learning tracks are now being offered for individual sale and download by iTunes (, Amazon (, and the Google Play Store ( Please check these sites regularly as we continue to add existing and new learning tracks. We do apologize for any inconvenience to you during this time, and we appreciate your patience as we upgrade our systems to better serve you in the future. 

Why did the prices increase? Can't you go back to the old website and give us our lower prices back?
Many prices have been artificially low, or have not kept pace with general increases in their categories. Sheet music pricing, for example, has not changed in more than ten years. 

I am a school/church, can I/how do I get a purchase order?
We do not offer purchase orders; all transactions are by credit/debit card only. 

I am a chapter, can I/how do I bill the chapter? 
We do not offer an option for billing orders to the chapter. To place an order for a chapter, you can do one of the following:
1. Pay at the time of purchase, receive the member discount, and seek reimbursement from the chapter directly.
2. The chapter may obtain a debit card linked to their chapter checking account, with access limited to authorized signers of their choosing (typically treasurer/secretary, president, or chorus manager) and use that for all online purchases.

How do I cancel or change an order I have made?
All sales are binding at the time of purchase. Our vastly enhanced ecommerce system moves orders from billing to shipping almost immediately, which means we'll ship more items more quickly than ever. That also means that there is no time to alter an order after it is confirmed. If you have a question regarding your order, please contact Customer Service (800-876-7464 or BEFORE placing your order. You will receive status updates as you order is 1) placed 2) in process 3) shipped with UPS and U.S. Postal Service tracking codes. 

I forgot to add something to my order. Can you combine my two orders and only charge me shipping once instead of twice?
Sorry, no. You will be able to select shipping options based on location, size, and price at checkout; once the purchase is completed, these are locked in. 

Why didn't you tell us sooner so I could have ordered my music before the: price increase, enforcement of regular price for non-members, lack of chapter billing, etc.?
Notification of pricing changes were published in mid-May 2015. Thousands of sheet music titles will now be less expensive to most customers. Lack of enforcement of existing policy does not constitute a price change. 

Can I purchase a gift certificate? How do I use a gift certificate?
Yes! See page called "Gift Certificates." These are delivered via email or mail and can be redeemed online anytime. You may apply a gift certificate to the total on any order, and make up the balance with your credit card. Or, if your gift certificate is for an amount greater than your purchase, we'll store the remaining value in your account to make another purchase later. Gift certificates are good for any purchase made through the online store but cannot be used for other goods or services (i.e. membership dues) or on location at events or conventions. 

Why can't I get next day shipping anymore?
Standard next-day shipping service is available via UPS and US Postal Service. No expedited services. We think we think we'll be reducing our normal turnaround to less than 24 hours.

Why can't I see these orders in my order history on anymore?
All past orders will continue to be visible in ebiz for the immediate future. All orders processed in the new platform will display in your user account.

Can I still place my orders over the phone? I don't have/use a computer so how do I order? 
YES -- call Customer Service Center at 800-876-SING. 

Can I still email/fax/mail in an order?
No. All orders should be made using the website

How do I receive the member discount? 
When you get to the Billing Options (#4 on the check-out screen) there will be a place to enter and validate your member number. 

If you are an active member and you validate your member number, the following message appears: 

Notice Your BHS Membership was validated and your discount applied to your order.

If you do not receive this message then your membership has not been validated, and you will not receive a discount as orders are processed in real time. 

I forgot to enter or validate my member number before placing my order; can I go back and get member pricing? 
No, once the order is placed, the price is locked and the funds collected immediately. Please order with care.

May I use my spouse's member ID to get member pricing? Where do I locate that number?
Yes. The Member ID is on the Membership card, on the Harmonizer mailing label, and in chapter rosters.

You can find the details of our return policy along with other useful information on our terms and conditions page here:

Is there a vendor discount? 
All vendors should contact

When I try to access my sheet music download, I get an error message that says "The download is expired or is not ready." How can I access my download? 
The window to download your purchased music is only available for 1 week after you make the purchase online.  After that, the link will expire and you will not be able to view/print your arrangement any longer.  This is the only way we are able to regulate customers from downloading music weeks / months / years after they originally purchased it. Contact for more information.